Terraillon Bathroom Scales keeping you in shape, with the help of your own personal Web Coach

May 16, 2018

Terraillon, the French reference in health and wellness products recently launched an ecosystem of smart home devices that each focus on one aspect of health: weight, exercise, blood pressure, diet and sleep. These include a fitness tracker, sleep monitor, nutrition scales, body scales and a blood pressure monitor. All these devices connect to a single app, Wellness Coach, which serves as a dashboard and helps you set your goals, giving you exclusive tips to help you achieve them along the way.

Modern and elegant, the Web Coach Easy View allows users to analyse the evolution of their weigh tin detail, as it calculates both body fat, water, muscle mass and bone mass. Ingenious in its own right, the satellite Easy View screen display is placed at eye level for easier reading of results. In addition, the satellite screen is multifunctional as it displays time, date, room temperature, and is equipped with a timer. With its Bluetooth Smart function which facilitates low energy consumption, the collected data are automatically synchronized with the Wellness Coach mobile application to help users track results easily.

The Web Coach Easy View Scales Feature:

Multifunctional satellite screen
BodySense Technology: calculates BMI, body composition (body fat, water, muscle and bone mass)
Connects up to 8 smartphones simultaneously
Large glass screen platform with a shockproof rubber ring

Available to buy from Argos, and from Terraillon’s website RRP £129

E:  UK Sales
T:  01442 270 444
SM: Instagram / Facebook

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