Infini London – Roses That Last a Year, Yes Really!

May 16, 2018

Infini London specialise in luxury gift boxes filled with real roses that last a whole year. Infini roses are picked at the point of perfection and preserved with an eco-friendly solution to maintain the quality and beauty of the petals. Each box is crafted with meticulous attention to detail and makes a stylish addition to your living room, bedroom, hallway or office.

With 15 rose colours arranged in luxurious boxes in various colours, shapes and sizes there’s one for every occasion. Infini deliver worldwide and are free for UK delivery on orders over £150. A classic cube with nine roses is £59.

The excitement when you unveil one of these luxurious flower boxes is huge. Are they real or are they not? That’s the first question you ask yourself, then when you realise they ARE real you wonder how long they will last, and it’s stunning to think they will last a whole year and on that level I’d have to say they are a bargain, not something we usually say on Luxuria.

My beautiful pink roses in a stylish black box glamourise any surface, they are placed in a prominent spot on my large glossy coffee table, and everyone, and I mean everyone passes comment on them, and when I tell them they are real, ‘unbelievable’ is the usual exclamation.

These flower boxes make a superb gift, they will bring a smile to anyone…For a whole 12 months!

Infini London have just launched their NEW luxury suede collection which you can see here

The Classic Cube Suede with nine roses is £99, but equally you can go mad and buy the Large Suede Box for £499. These boxes are just the most perfect way to make an impression, we’ve just ordered one for a wedding present, and I know the recipients are going to glow when they receive it, lasting one year will be a constant reminder of their big day!

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