Shapes designed to amaze. Great Dishes Yet to be Invented.

May 17, 2018

Who would have ever thought pasta dishes could turn into such an amazing sensory experience leaving everyone literally speechless in awe?

The collection premiered by BluRhapsody is pure wonder. Five long years of research and commitment were required to design and finalize all details of the project, ranging from shapes to texture, from aesthetics to flavour. Each element was to be perfect and harmoniously blend into the others. BluRhapsody is finally prepared for its debut and emotions may now take shape. Any shapes.

Imagine a New Concept of Pasta

This project was born in Italy, a country where pasta is an icon and is an integral part of the cultural heritage, however, BluRhapsody has thought outside the box and reinvented it, revolutionizing its shape, sublimating its flavour, expanding its use. Aiming at elevating it to a status, it has turned it into a valuable object to be tasted with the eye, an unexpectedly beautiful surprise. What about flavour? It is so exquisite that it becomes unforgettable. BluRhapsody pasta stems from the indissoluble combination of search for perfection and top quality, is a high-class product made using an exclusive selection of excellent ingredients, including semolina obtained from the finest grains.

The Collection

For its debut, BluRhapsody has signed its own collection including eleven pasta shapes inspired to nature flawless creations or charming timeless works of art. This has led to a product revolutionizing the concept of pasta and the ways and times to consume it. Its 3D and spectacular appearance allows for endless interpretations. Besides a main course, pasta may turn into eye-catching finger food, a stunning appetizer, the base of a side dish… No limits, only the imagination of chefs who will craft the final masterpiece through their creative touch. The curtain may finally go up, BluRhapsody comes on the scene and is the unique protagonist.

BluRhapsody has designed these pasta shapes for its debut:

Atom – A spectacular pasta shape, replicating the shape of matter. Designed so that its sections can be filled with thick and creamy sauces.
Butterfly – Butterfly wings have been redesigned and become 3D, turning into small containers harbouring seasonings.
Galassia – Sophisticated and decorative, it is inspired to the shapes of the universe. Ideal to be sautéed.
Hydria – Meant to amaze and surprise, this pasta shape replicates the shape of an ancient Greek vase. It is an authentic masterpiece.
Kalpis – One of the most spectacular shapes. Like Hydria, it draws inspiration from classical art, hence its fascinating amphora shape.
Petalum – Here is the petal of a flower that turns into a small modular and sectional spoon of pasta.
Salix – A capacious woven basket that can host a composition of flavours chefs will turn into a work of art.
Sfera – A tribute to the moon and the most surprising of all shapes, as its content can be discovered only when tasted.
Snowflake – Its delicate and almost fairy-tale shape replicates the enchanting lines of an ice crystal. Amazing to the eye.
Twist – It replicates a net with its twists, is an extremely versatile pasta shape, perfect to be reinterpreted.
Vortipa – Sometimes nature takes extravagant shapes. Vortipa pays tribute to it.

The collection is constantly evolving. Numerous internationally-renowned Michelin-starred chefs have already fallen in love with it and have started creating extraordinary recipes, inspired by the beauty of these shapes and their potential.

Flavours and Colours

Pasta can be coloured by mixing the dough with vegetable or fruit extracts, which also add flavours and aromas to it. The result is a treat for both the eye and the palate. All colour combinations existing in nature can be therefore created: from blue-green of spirulina algae, to purple of red turnips, to the different shades of red of peppers, tomatoes or strawberries, to orange of carrots or the sophisticated dotted effect of black pepper. And this is not all, because colours can then be combined and shades are obtained that resemble the brush strokes of a painter.

Invent your Shape

BluRhapsody great strength undoubtedly lies in its endless customizations. Anything you imagine can become a pasta shape. Several Michelin-starred chefs and event organizers have already asked BluRhapsody for interesting reinterpretations of shapes.

Chef Roll Mussels

This is how Mussel was born, based on a creative idea of chef Matthew Voskuil of The Venetian Hotel (Las Vegas). An interesting shape allowing to create constant suggestions and surprises. Imagine you find a beautiful and succulent mussel in your dish and you can also eat its shell. The shell is pasta. Black comes from squid ink mixed with semolina, which also gives pasta the unmistakable aroma of the sea. Identification is complete, amazement never ends.

And it is only the beginning.

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E: Jacqueline
T: Jacqueline Delgado – +39 337 1179409

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