Aziina Swimwear – Getting you Summer Ready

June 20, 2018

Summer has finally arrived in England, and what goes hand in hand with sunshine and ice cream? An Aziina bikini sure does!

I love discovering new bikini brands, as the majority of swimwear companies replicate each other’s styles, making it harder to find something original.

Aziina focuses on just that, using fabric sourced from Europe, and made in Greece, the styles are not determined by current fashion, more so a timepiece, to flatter all shapes and sizes.

The creator of Aziina is Andrea Karsas, South African born, Cypriot designer raised in Athens, Greece. She is now residing in London, England, bringing her international travel experiences with her, visualised through her personal creations inspired by her inner wanderlust.

The piece that really caught my eye was the Actini Pink Bikini. Such a bright, rich summer colour. This triangle style top with a zig zag tie, which can be worn around the neck or tied in the centre. The bottom’s are medium coverage in a cheeky style, with adjustable strings on each side. The packaging was so different and memorable, unlike anything I have purchased before. A small hessian bag with the bikini folded inside, and a personal thank you card kindly written by Andrea herself.

You can find the bikini by clicking the following link – Aziina Action Bikini

Also within their summer 18 swimwear collection, there are many one pieces in various styles, bandeau and halter neck bikinis alongside the triangle bikinis and more. Your choice of colours from bronze to petrol, to black, red and pink. Aziina currently are focussing on swim and resort wear, although aiming to grow towards seasonal wear that you can adapt all year. Their whole brand ethos is based on items that are versatile, that can be worn over and over again, dressed up or down, worn in the day or the evening in any environment.

“I’m inspired by everything especially experimentation in general. I love finding new ways to wear something, which is really how the brand started, that and how to travel light and still be prepared for anything. It’s really powerful to be able to wear an outfit from day to night! ” Andrea x

To to find out more about the brand, or to purchase one of the beautiful pieces for yourself, please visit Aziina

Alternatively you can visit their Instagram page  here

Thank for Andrea for my first Aziina piece, I can’t wait to see what else you design.

Written by Jessica Dynevor for Luxuria Lifestyle

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